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Root Canal Therapy in Midtown Manhattan

Midtown endodontic treatment

Root canal therapy in Midtown Manhattan

Root canal therapy in Midtown Manhattan

If you have a tooth that is causing a lot of pain, and the surrounding gums are red and painful as well, you may need root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is performed for one reason only: to save the life of a tooth. If you need root canal therapy in Midtown Manhattan, you will do well to visit our practice, PresiDental Care.

At our practice we have several excellent dentists who will be able to help you with tooth pain. They are: Dr. Jessica Figueroa; Dr. Shahnam Shifteh; Dr. Christopher Cummings; and Dr. Jennifer D. Johnson. At PresiDental Care we offer exceptional dental service combined with state-of-the art technology. We treat our patients with the utmost care, and we work to make our patients’ visits as pleasurable as possible. Even if you need root canal therapy in Midtown Manhattan we want to assure you that you will be perfectly comfortable during the entire procedure. It used to be that root canal therapy was an uncomfortable experience for the dental patient, but today with enhanced technology and local anesthesia, patients can have this procedure while they remain in total comfort.

During root canal therapy in Midtown Manhattan our dentist will gain access to the center of the tooth where there is tooth pulp (nerves). All infected pulp is removed and the tooth is also cleared of any debris or additional bacteria. Then the tooth is sealed to keep out any more bacteria and risk reinfection. Once it is determined that this procedure has been completed, a porcelain crown will generally be placed on top of the tooth to strengthen it. Root canal procedures have a success rate of well over 90%. Sometimes it is necessary to retreat the tooth to make sure it stays infection free. If a tooth is sick and a root canal is not done, the tooth will not get better on its own. And you run the additional risk of the infection spreading to other healthy teeth. So if you think you need a root canal it is best to visit us at PresiDental Care to see what is going on that is making your tooth so painful. Our dentists will be able to accurately diagnose the cause of your tooth pain and treat it accordingly. If you would like to make an appointment to see one of our fine doctors, contact us today at PresiDental Care.

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