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Midtown Cosmetic Dentist

Tooth Whitening Treatments 10018

Having a bright, white smile can help instill confidence in our appearance and encourages us to smile and talk as much as possible without concern. But sometimes tooth discoloration can get the better of us and deter us from sharing our enthusiasm with others. A visit with our Midtown cosmetic dentists here at PresiDental Care can help change that. Our team of cosmetic dentists is here to provide you with the smile you have always wanted and will help transform your appearance and your confidence. Cosmetic dentistry has never been easier so make an appointment with us to find out how.

10018 Cosmetic Dentist

10018 Cosmetic Dentist

Tooth discoloration can happen for any number of reasons. Sometimes brushing and flossing can only do so much, and often the discoloration or yellowing of the tooth enamel occurs as we age and our bodies and teeth grow older. The foods that we eat definitely contribute to the changing pigment of the tooth’s enamel, as well as habits such as smoking or even drinking coffee. But there are ways to reverse this unfortunate process. Schedule a visit with us here at PresiDental Care and you will meet with one of our Midtown cosmetic dentists who can help provide you with a personalized option. Tooth whitening and bleaching can help break some of the deeper stains found in your tooth’s enamel and eliminate the discolored appearance to reveal a natural looking white smile once more. Upon scheduling your visit, you will meet with either Dr. Figueroa, Dr. Shifteh or Dr. Chu who will provide you with a comprehensive oral exam. This preliminary exam will determine your eligibility for the tooth whitening or bleaching treatment and will alert them to any other dental issues you may have. If there are other conditions present, such as a cavity or gingivitis, it will need to be taken care of prior to the cosmetic treatment.

Our Midtown cosmetic dentists will determine which method of tooth whitening is right for you based on their exam findings. Our dentists here at PresiDental Care want to bring you the best personalized treatment possible to ensure you are more than satisfied with your results.

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