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Gum Treatment in Midtown

Periodontal Treatments in Midtown

Gum Treatment in Midtown

Gum Treatment in Midtown

Do you have gum disease, or have you have gum disease in the past and want to make sure that it does not recur? In either case, you will do well to visit us for periodontal treatments at our PresiDental Care dental practice. At our office, Midtown you will be able to receive the very best gum treatment in Midtown from our expert and highly skilled dentist.

At our dental practice, we are very happy to be able to have the expert services of four top-notch dentists. They are: Dr. Jessica Figueroa; Dr. Mauro Perdomo; Dr. Christopher Cummings; and our oral surgeon, Dr. Jennifer D. Johnson. It is very important that your gums stay healthy, because without healthy gums you certainly will not have healthy teeth. If your gums become infected and you have gum disease, infection can travel down to the jawbone. Should this happen, your teeth will begin to loosen and may even fall out. When gum disease infection is allowed to continue, infection can even travel through your bloodstream and reach other parts of your body. Both heart disease and high blood pressure have been associated with gum disease infection. These are just some reasons why you will want to make sure that you prevent serious gum disease from occurring. Periodontal treatments are very helpful getting gums to return to good health, or when used as a preventive measure in patients who have had gum problems in the past. Gum treatment in Midtown may be the most important thing you do in helping to keep not only your dental health excellent, but in helping to keep your physical health excellent as well.

If it is determined that deep pockets have formed between your teeth and gums, a periodontal procedure of scaling and root planing will be very effective. This treatment is like a deep cleaning for your gums which will clear all bacteria, plaque, tartar, food debris, and infection from the deep pockets. Once these substances have been removed, your gums will hopefully begin to heal. A second treatment may be needed to keep your gums healthy or help them to return to full health. Sometimes patients will continue to get this scaling and root planing treatment as a preventive way to help keep gum disease from once again taking hold. Sometimes patients will need to have antibiotic therapy to rid their mouths of infection. This type of therapy can either be placed directly onto the gums via a gel, or taken orally. In the most serious cases, grafting or bone enhancing techniques are also available at our office. For excellent gum treatment in Midtown, make an appointment to see us at PresiDental Care.

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