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Dental Fillings in Midtown

Tooth colored fillings in Midtown

Dental fillings in Midtown

Dental fillings in Midtown

Tooth decay causes holes to form in your teeth, which we all know as cavities. Our dental fillings in Midtown are the treatment that prevents those cavities from growing larger and from putting you at greater risk for an infection that would necessitate root canal therapy, or possibly a tooth extraction. There was a time when you simply had to accept that your filling would not match your tooth color. It was just the way it was. At PresiDental Care, we are committed to your optimal dental health, and also giving you the cosmetic benefits you want. One way we accomplish this is with tooth-colored fillings.

Porcelain and ceramic are materials that are ideal matches for your tooth color. The result will be that your filing will seamlessly blend in, with no noticeable contrast. When you smile, laugh, or talk, no one will be able to see that you have a filling. In addition, porcelain and ceramic are resistant to stains. So if you are a tobacco user, either smokeless or smoking; you like to consume tea, coffee, red wine, or cola; or you like to eat foods including berries, curry, and soy sauce, you needn’t be concerned about the impact they will have on our dental fillings in Midtown, when you opt for one of our tooth-colored choices. They’re perfect for front teeth, the ones that can be seen easily. Your back teeth, which are the ones used most commonly for chewing, aren’t visible to others, and thus may benefit more from a filling that contains metal. Our cosmetic dentist will discuss this with you and help you determine which is best for your situation.

Of course, preventing cavities in the first place is always the best strategy. If you adhere to a nutritious diets, limit your consumption of sugar, brush after meals, floss every day, and visit our dental office twice per year for a complete exam and cleaning, you will be putting the odds in your favor to make the need for our dental fillings in Midtown infrequent. When you do need a filling, it’s good to know that you have tooth colored ones to take advantage of.

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