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Cavities are among one of the more common dental issues that people face often. There are plenty of preventative methods to prevent tooth decay but that does not mean that it can be prevented completely. It is important that cavities are treated as soon as they are detected in order to prevent the spreading of infection and decay to adjacent teeth and other portions of the mouth. Here at PresiDental Care, our Midtown dentists, Dr. Jessica Figueroa and Dr. Shahnam Shifteh, are here to provide you and your family with the most comprehensive dental care possible, including providing composite dental fillings.

Cavities are caused by tooth decay that has begun to eat away at the tooth enamel, creating holes and causing tooth loss. If a cavity goes unchecked and untreated, the tooth root and nerve can become infecting requiring root canal therapy, the entire tooth may be compromised and need to be removed entirely, and can even spread to nearby teeth as well. Sometimes cavities can go unnoticed depending on where they are located and how early on the decay has set it. Regular visits with your dentist can help prevent the development of cavities as well as help identify them before they become too serious. Here at PresiDental Care, our dentists in Midtown can provide you with the dental fillings you need to stop tooth decay in its tracks. If a cavity is identified, the area is cleaned and rid of affected tooth enamel. Then the remaining cavity is filled in order to prevent further decay. Cavities are also filled because these holes create more surface area for harmful bacteria to thrive. Our general dentists in Midtown, Dr. Figueroa and Dr. Shifteh, can provide you with composite dental fillings to prevent further issues.

Composite dental fillings are tooth colored and are made to match the shade of the tooth being treated. This type of filling creates natural looking results. No one has to know you have had dental fillings at all. If you believe you may have a cavity or if you are due for your next dental appointment, don’t hesitate to call our Midtown general dentists here at PresiDental Care.

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